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Re: Right Foot and Knee Problems-- shoes?

Hi Noah,

Sounds like you're having some trouble here! First off, always make sure you're comfortable in the shoes you purchase. If you prefer neutral, lightweight trainers I'd highly recommend the ASICS Speedstars. Also look into Adidas Adistars (there are a few different models - make sure they're not the super light weight flats!).

Sounds like you need to strengthen some of your problem areas, including your feet and your hips. Try spending time barefoot whenever you can and do lateral side steps with a theraband around your ankles. This will really target your hips and IT band at the hip insertion point.

If you're still having trouble down the road, feel free to check out my online coaching site and we can develop a custom rehabilitation program with a lot more strengthening exercises and treatments tailored to you. I'd be happy to help.

Cheers, - Jason.
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