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Re: Heat and humidity

Originally Posted by Gotham Dark Knight
You do not know that humity is until you do a 5K on the Fourth of July weekend in Orlando Florida...where humidity hits +97% by 7 AM and you pass runners sprawled on the side of the road during the race...
I do know, I do know!! It happened here yesterday (8am is when I checked the weather)and it was AWFUL. Humidity 97%, temp 85, dew point 72. Man, the air was thick. Like Danielle said though, we try not to complain too much because heck, the wind could switch to out of the North and it could snow here tomorrow.
Do you think that the sprawled runners were tourists who were unprepared or locals who were unfit, out to participate in their once-yearly community race? We had no sprawlers over the weekend that i know of, in fact there was a triathalon in town. The elite athletes had to do the full course. They cut a few miles off of the bike and run for the others so that they would be finished before noon.
Today looks to be cooler but still very thick, so I had better make my plan and get going....
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