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Why run every day?

I have a question, can anyone tell me exactly what benefits arise when one runs every day as opposed to every other day?

I run on my treadmill like 5 or 6 miles every other day, but started off (15 months ago) running almost every day (like 9 out of 10 days) I did that for like 8 or 9 months.

The past few months my power and endurance seem to have increased just as well as they did when I started, I'm no marathon runner but can readily run (non-stop) 5 miles as follows

3.0 miles at 6.0 mph
1.5 miles at 6.5 mph
0.5 miles at 7.0 mph

I can run for longer or push the speed up if I really try, but I do that every month or so anyway, right now this is my "standard" run.

So I am of the opinion that running every day provides very little benefit over running every other day, certainly for someone who is already pretty well conditioned.

Have there been studies on this?

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Re: Why run every day?

Mark Covert doesn't have to think about his run today. It's a given; he's going to do it. After running for 12,480 days in a row (through September 30, 2002), Covert isn't about to miss today. Or tomorrow. Or the day after.You, however, probably need a plan for today's workout. Without a plan, it's just too easy to skip a run. You've got pressures in the office, errands to do, classes to take, things to deal with at home.
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Re: Why run every day?

After a thousand Brooklyn Bridges, hundreds of thousands of pet rocks and millions of Creed albums later, ol' P.T. may have been on to something. But Tuesday night, the fans -- the consumers -- got it right and got their money's worth.

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Re: Why run every day?

I only run 5 days a week and alternate hard with easy days and include a long run every week. If you run hard every can overtrain. Enjoy running

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Re: Why run every day?

I run for the sake of my health and to maintain and develop my attentiveness in work and still have strength spending time with my family.
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Re: Why run every day?

Running is one of the most important and effective exercise that is adopted by athletes as well as other people. Running is basically for lower body strength an for improving stamina. Running is included in Bodybuilding, martial Arts, Boxing and in other Sports for fitness and Strength of the body.

You can run daily or you can run after a one or two days gap
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