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Hip Pain

I am a beginning runner (have been running only 9 months) and the past two months I have had hip pain that doesn't seem to go away. It started two months while doing weighted squats at the gym I noticed a deep pain in my right hip right below my hip bone where my thigh and hip meet. It seemed to lessen after moving around like it was a strained muscle and get worse when I sat for a while or overnight. It always got worse when I ran for a day or so then would lessen. The last few weeks the pain has spread to my left hip as well and seems to be more intense. Everytime I sit even for a few minutes my hips hurt and causes me to limp and my walk to be very stiff. The last few days the pain seems to radiate around to my behind as well. I have cut out any weight bearing exercies for my legs at the gym and I took a week off from running along with taking three doses of advil a day and nothing seems to be working. I run only three days a week average 3 to 5 miles a run and have found that advil and icy hot works to allow me to tolerate the pain while running but obviously it is only getting worse. I don't want to stop running because I don't want to have to start over if I dont need to. Does anyone have any suggestions that I may use to help me get through this?
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Re: Hip Pain

The hip junction attaches the leg to the torso of the body. In the hip junction, the head of the thigh bone (femur) swivels in a socket made up of pelvic skeletal components, called the acetabulum. While numerous determinants of hip agony can originate from the junction itself, there are many organizations surrounding the hip that can furthermore be the source of pain.
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