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Andrew Hedgman 12-21-2011 02:23 AM

Lycian Way Ultramarathon
Hey guys,

In September of next year I will be taking part of the Lycian Way Ultra in Turkey. This is Turkeys original Ultramarathon and a very new one too having the very first race in 2010, before this you wouldn't be able to find any Ultra's in Turkey so I think it's great that they are bringing this amazing sport into their country!

It is a 6 stage event covering about 250 kms averaging about 40 kms per day, I think the longest day is 90 kms (It may actually be a 5 stage event with one rest day, I can't remember). It' run along Lycian Way so runners will get to see the most amazing ruins, treks, mountains, towns and so much more!

I will be doing a blog on this event next year and maybe even a video blog too on the entire trip.

If anyone else may be interested in running this then let me know and I can probably be able to get a discount off entry fee's of a couple hundred dollars!

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