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Half marathon tips

Hey guys, I found this article whilst browsing and thought that you might be interested.

Half Marathon Racing Tips

Running a half marathon is not easy. Follow these simple points to allow you to prepare oneself upon half marathon day and run a better half marathon .

Water is probably the most important aspect of running a half marathon. You ought to know from your half marathon training just how much fluids you'll want to drink to counteract dehydration. Not having adequate fluids may cause a myriad of difficulties such as affected functionality and nausea. People may well frequently faint a result of insufficient fluids.

Take care that you drink plenty of water ahead of your half marathon and ensure sip 2 to 3 sips of sports drink at most water points during the entire half marathon. If the weather is not what you expected then you will need to change your water consumption as necessary but always aim to drink alot more fluids then you suppose you will want.

Half Marathon Plan

If you run a half marathon you ought to have a race plan. You should have engineered your race plan within your previous months of half marathon training. Some people like to run as strong as they can for as long as is feasable, as opposed to, others choose to begin slowly. Whatever your half marathon running strategy is, just be sure you have enough stamina in order to sprint to the finish line.

Half Marathon Food

Depending on the length of time you think that you are planning to take to complete your race you may want to take in some energy products during the event. Any time over one hour thirty minutes then you should eat to maintain your energy levels,

Reduce Your Pace

The Cardinal sin of running half marathons is to keep the speed the same as the distance increases. The main reason that long distance runners don?t run at the same pace as 5k runners and that is because it is just not possible for the human body to sprint for anything longer than a few hundred meters. This recommendation is identical for half marathon racing. When out running add 60-120 seconds to your kilometer pace and you will be able to run much further. As soon as you can run your necessary mileage you'll be able to work on building up your pace at a later date.
I have a few
on my own blog so feel free to check them out if you need something to make a starting point for your own half marathon from.

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